Here we assemble resources for making and mobilising pattern language - the work of pattern language-ing.

Pattern language(ing) - A disciplined and skilful mode of generating and holding practical understandings, of a kind that can be fluently re-played - or woven or ‘sung’ - back into everyday life and work. *It is as much a form of practice as it is a form of language*.

Some pattern languages - Here are some examples of pattern languages - their contents and their contexts . .

Pattern languages as commons - Commoning is at the heart of the pattern language which is needed in making the living economy. But it’s not only ‘on the curriculum’ . . something to be grasped and communicated and mobilised in well-founded pattern descriptions, across diverse sectors of economic life. Pattern language as *a field of practice itself* - a field of cultural production - needs to be cultivated **in commons**, in the college.

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